Artist's Statement

Painting is color, light, and gesture which invariably leads to emotion and hopefully questions. As an artist, I want to pose questions without the bother of words. Vision is an immediate pathway to the brain; quick and nonverbal. Our eyes just want us to survive…processing information with that in mind. See a snake. Jump. Move and only later say "Is it poisonous?" and "How far can it strike?". The same with red; the color of blood. Red makes us nervous. Our eyes respond to the threat of a wound before our brains ask, "Why?".

I paint from my own human interactions and my own experience with others and the natural world. I am touched by memory, triggered by my past and the present:  sun, wind, tears, tiny bits of humanity.

When I paint, I paint my defining moments and when you come along, I am happy if you have no words…just a moment of feeling. My most successful paintings, I hope, make the viewer stop and feel what? why? or even ouch.

Riot in the Grass
Riot in the Grass
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